Glencairn Abbey Cards

Getting to know the artist

Allison Finegan

Allison was born in a small Canadian West Coast town called Powell River, where the natural world and all its beauty surrounded her.

As far back as she can remember, she always had an interest in arts and crafts.
"I would have to say my mother is my main influencer - from a very early age she encouraged and guided me. She taught me to appreciate the natural world and taught me the skills involved in capturing what I saw onto paper."

Allison studied fine arts at art college and a few years later followed this up with a B Comm International (BCIT) - a multidisciplinary degree in computer systems.

Allison says she is not much good at watercolours (but is improving with practice), she was never trained in oils and finds acrylics very forgiving. "Acrylics are great. They tend to dry quickly so if you make a 'mistake' you can simply paint over it".

In 2003 Allison moved to Ireland with her fiancé Kevin and since their marriage, has been living in the Irish midlands. Surrounded by a different but still natural world, a lot of her more recent artwork is of dogs, livestock, and farming themes.

More information about Allison and a portfolio of her past artwork can be found at

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